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Services & Technology

Spacelink Solutions aims to provide you with affordable and straightforward access to space. Launching your payload into space can be a daunting thought, but we will remove the need for you to worry about launching your cargo into Earth orbit, allowing you to focus on your business while your payload is in good hands.

Low-Mass Satellites

These are our main satellites, and are ideal for a large variety of applications, including:

  • University experiments
  • Amateur radio
  • Astronomy
  • Geophysics and Earth observation/monitoring
  • Space burials/memorials
  • Marketing and promotion applications

The satellites we use are designed to last in space for up to three months, although this may be affected by solar activity. These satellites are placed into polar orbit around Earth, and the launch vehicle’s ejection system reduces the risk of the satellites colliding or otherwise interfering with each other.

When the satellite can no longer survive in space, it will gradually fall back to Earth and burn up in our atmosphere, much like a meteor or shooting star (although where it will fall over Earth is highly unpredictable), and will not contribute to the growing problem of space debris. Indeed, if you work with Spacelink Solutions to carry the ashes of a loved one into Earth-orbit, becoming a meteor can be the perfect way to say goodbye.

This low-mass satellite system is a compact, yet very robust and customisable, cylindrical orbiting module. This satellite comes with solar panels, and power, data control, and communications subsystems as standard. A significant proportion of the satellite’s volume is available for your payload, providing you with a space solution which is both affordable and of high quality. For larger payloads, or for payloads already complete with their own subsystems, the standard on-board subsystems may be excluded from the chassis to give you more access to the satellite’s volume.

While we currently do not provide CubeSat satellites, if you have developed such a satellite, it can be catered for by Spacelink Solutions in the Neptune 30 and Neptune 45 launch vehicles.

Mid-Mass Payloads

For many cases, we are extremely happy to be able to offer launch solutions for larger payloads on both high-altitude and sub-orbital test flights.

Please contact us for further details so that we may devise a spaceflight solution for you.

Advertising & Marketing

If you are looking to go that extra mile in promotions, Spacelink Solutions can organise an advertising solution for you that places your advertisement (of almost any size you wish)  on a Neptune launch vehicle.

The whole world can see your logo as images of each launch of the Neptune vehicles are streamed over the Internet, providing you, your family, or your company with an extraordinary global platform for promotion and advertising.


Spacelink Solutions prides itself in using high quality launch vehicles designed and built designed for smaller-scale use by world-class experts.

Our current launch vehicles are the Neptune 30 and Neptune 45 modular rockets, developed by Interorbital Systems and launched from the southern tip of Tonga in the Pacific.

The Neptune 30 and Neptune 45 carry 30kg and 45kg of payload into orbit, respectively. On each vehicle, a cluster of satellites is brought to polar orbit, and is ejected in a manner such that the cluster is spread out and not clumped together.

Each launch aims to carry your satellite to a polar orbit with an altitude of approximately 300km.

The Future

Spacelink Solutions is working closely with launch vehicle providers to stay in the forefront of the low-cost consumer space industry. As the venture grows, Spacelink Solutions will commence R&D into control software, communications systems, satellite system automation, and spacecraft development. Some of our other future plans include providing launch systems to deliver higher mass payloads into orbit, and also to transport satellite systems to the Moon and beyond.

Spacelink Solutions is a trading name registered with the Companies Registration Office, Dublin. Registration number: 442583. Copyright © 2011-2012 Conor Farrell



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