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Welcome to Spacelink Solutions.

Spacelink Solutions is a provider of high-altitude balloon flight systems and opportunities to launch on sub-orbital test spaceflights. Where and when possible, we will provide orbital flights at low cost.

Whether you are part of the research community, a specific-interest group, or are even an individual, Spacelink recognises that your payload is of extreme importance to you. Due to technological and market advances, launching smaller payloads need not be the daunting – nor expensive – task it once was.

We are now finalising the development of our high-altitude balloon platform system, and intend to fly a test system in the Summer of 2014. This flight will test telecommunications and the transmission of data such as telemetry and images. Ground tests are so far proving successful.

We are working on providing orbital and sub-orbital flights launched from Tonga, in the Pacific. These launches will be in polar orbit and ideal for small satellites.

Our aim is to make high-altitude and spaceflight accessible to you at a low cost as a complete package – including launch vehicles and satellite systems – yet still retaining high quality of services.

Use the menu on the left to explore Spacelink Solutions, or contact us for further details on developing a spaceflight solution ideal for your needs.

Spacelink Solutions is a trading name registered with the Companies Registration Office, Dublin. Registration number: 442583. Copyright © 2011-2012 Conor Farrell